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Brad said, " I came in with a headache and left without it!"

Debbie said, "Extremely relaxing, loosened my sinuses right away!"

Brenda said, "Awesome, very relaxing!"

Ed said, "Enjoyed the sensation of the hot and cold stones together on the back. Great job!"

Kim said, " felt relaxed and comfortable, felt amazing after the massage!"

Sanka said, " My experience was quite enjoyable and relaxing. Lelah did a wonderful job making sure that I was comfortable and nothing was too hot or too cold."

Anita said,"Most relaxing experience ever!"

Pam said, " Very relaxing and incredible"

Shelby said," Lelah was very professional! She is thoughtful and has a very soothing voice. I am impressed with the overall experience."

Devon said, "It was awesome!"

Joell said, "Unbelievable relaxing!"

Courtney said:  Since January 2020 I had been dealing with frequent bouts of vertigo, and 24/7 dizziness.   I had been to see multiple doctors, and none could give me a definite answer.  They ran 2 MRI's on my brain a year apart.  I diligently did the  Epley maneuvers every day, nothing brought answers or helped.  Finally in 2022 one doctor ordered an X-ray of my neck, we discovered that my neck had lost its natural curve.  The doctor recommended massage and physiotherapy ( this was two years after the whole thing began).  I immediately called Lelah.  After just a couple of one hour sessions the vertigo and dizziness was finally gone.  

I was feeling perfect for almost a year, and then in 2023 had another bout of vertigo and dizziness.  Once again I made an appointment with Lelah, and after just one session the vertigo was gone again!  This is the first time in weeks that I could roll over in bed and not get that awful spinning feeling.  I also noticed that my thinking is more positive. For the first time today I actually left my worst case scenario thinking behind and I'm wondering if that was the energy work.  This feels more real?  Super interesting!  I highly recommend Lelah's therapy!  She is very knowledgeable, personable, and her work is effective!

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