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About Me

This website is dedicated to sharing my interest in holistic health and alternative modalities for health and healing. If you have any questions or comments, make sure to get in touch through the Contact Us section of the site.

I am currently registered to practice Swedish Relaxation Massage, Therapeutic (deep tissue) Massage and Structural Myofascial Therapy. myofascial cupping and tuning the biofield.

I am a registered massage therapist with many years of medical and emergency training behind me. I believe that there is a place in healthcare for all the various modalities practiced in the world. Part of my plan is to educate people about their options and help them to steer a course in their own lives toward better health by using non-invasive practices and natural alternatives when possible.

I have been moving towards recognizing energy in the body for years and recognizing the feel of it.  Due to an injury I have found and become a certified practitioner of Tuning the Human Biofield.  It is an extension of my ability to sense issues in the body and should prove to be an exciting extension to my treatment options,

I also support SOS Children's Villages, if you are interested in learning more

the link is below:

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